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by Hadding Scott ON THE SURFACE, the Yellow Vest movement in France is about a fuel-tax, inadequate wages, and a cut in pensions. This kind of economic complaint is still allowed in France. Under the surface, it is a revolt against the destruction of France’s White working class by haughty (of…
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Speculations of a political activist BECAUSE OF ITS inhibitions and inertia, the middle class will be the last to participate in the coming racial conflict. This means we must endeavor to reach and organize the upper and lower classes first. The middle class’s importance is primarily functional,…
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American Dissident VoicesAudioKevin Alfred StromRadio

American Dissident Voices broadcast of March 24, 2018 by Kevin Alfred Strom HAZLETON, Pennsylvania is dying. A faintly Black journalist for NPR, Michele Norris, just wrote a piece for the April issue of National Geographic magazine about it, and Tucker Carlson and other journalists have taken…
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  by Dissident Millennial IN CONTRAST to the Official Narrative™ about how great mass immigration supposedly is for the country, Neil Monroe provides a nice summary of the actual costs of such immigration on Americans who work for a living or are in need of employment: “Four million…
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Truck drivers, trappers, farmers don’t rate in the eyes of our elites. by Victor Davis Hanson A RECENT study published by the National Academy of Sciences, co-authored by a Nobel laureate, revealed a spiraling death rate since 1999 of Americans described as middle-aged (45 to 54), middle/working-class…
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