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Andrew HamiltonNews

by Andrew Hamilton COPS, PROSECUTORS, and judges are always (that is to say, as a rule — the culture strongly encourages it) eager to attack Whites and undermine their civil liberties and human rights. It’s very safe compared to fighting crime, and good for their careers . . . not to mention…
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AN instructional guide apparently in use at Northeastern University in Boston is teaching the school’s residential assistants that it is impossible for white people or men to be oppressed. “In order to have the experience of being oppressed one must belong to an oppressed category,” the guide,…
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EssaysH. Millard

by H. Millard THE STRUGGLE we Whites are in for our survival, expansion, and liberation from oppression is similar in some respects to the struggles of other peoples, but it also has some differences. Even the fact that many of our White kind aren’t aware that they are being oppressed is similar…
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Every now and then the anti-White professoriat say what they really mean. In this case, the virulent anti-White hatred of mulatta Grundy (pictured) is only faintly criticized by administrators (who probably share her sentiment) as “indelicate” and lacking “nuance.”
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