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by David Sims LOW TECHNOLOGY street fighting, without guns, need not be without effective weaponry. Long before there were such things as explosives or gunpowder, the ancient Romans used equivalents to the rifle, the light cannon, and artillery, which were made out of wood and metal, and either corded…
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Behind an almost unknown Red Army victory stood an American tank designer ON AUGUST 22, 1939, an event occurred in a little known, untraveled and out-of-the-way place in the world that changed the history of the globe. Had its lessons been learned, had the specialists in the field possessed the necessary…
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The Washington regime’s deep military strategy revealed; we must work for a day when the eminent minds behind such strategies refuse to work for the regime, and instead offer their talents to the service of our race alone. by Andrew Korybko DEPUTY SECRETARY of Defense Robert Work expounded upon…
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