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Robert Putnam converted to Judaism because of Jews’ “unique and intense [sense] of community.” It probably didn’t hurt that they ruled the roost either. by Andrew Hamilton A Jewish writer asks rhetorically, if a tad cutely: “Robert Putnam, who looks like he could have stepped off the Mayflower [also:…
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The pathetic self-hate of the old American elite started early, as this 1980 satire makes clear. by Cholly Bilderberger BOOK-IN-SEARCH-OF-AN-AUTHOR (AND A PUBLISHER): Scion of a leading family somewhere on the Eastern Seaboard, Bannister Trumbull is troubled through his years at Groton and Harvard…
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by Cholly Bilderberger ONE UPON A TIME there was a place called Palm Beach. It filled a very important function in American life by making it possible for the newly rich to obtain instant social position. Consider Josh Cosden, a onetime streetcar conductor from Baltimore who made his fortune in Oklahoma…
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