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by David Sims THE BIGGEST FINANCIAL problem that the United States has is the way its money system works. Prior to 1913, Americans had a pay-as-you-go kind of national money system, which worked as well as you might expect. But certain people wanted to play a trick, and the trick is called usury. Usury…
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by Kerry Bolton A FARMER in a small Russian village could have provided the key to Russia’s resurgence, and indeed to that of every state, family and individual in thrall to usury. However, the kolion has been banned as a “threat” to the rouble. Ironically, the kolion, which is designed to bypass usury…
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Jewish pressure and corruption causes some Argentinian Jews to defect to the Argentinian side ALL the elements of classic anti-Semitic conspiracy theory are there: Jews who made their money charging “usurious” interest; powerful gentile politicians “bought” with Jewish money; local Jews working…
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