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50th anniversary of Israeli attack on US ship will be here in a mere six months by David Sims TWENTY YEARS ago, there was a push to get a memorial to the USS Liberty going, and the federal government said no. I was personally told that the “custom was” to recognize a significant event of this…
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THE USS Liberty was a United States Navy Technical Research and Intelligence ship that was attacked by numerous Israeli Air Force jet aircraft and Israeli Navy torpedo boats on June 8, 1967, which was during the Israeli “Six-Day War.” The combined air and sea attack killed 34 crew members…
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ANTHONY PEARSON is the British reporter who wrote the book Conspiracy of Silence about the Israeli attack on the Liberty and the subsequent coverup, which, as any mediacrat could have predicted, never climbed to the top of any bestseller list. Pearson’s main point is that the Liberty, a huge…
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Classic EssaysRevilo P. Oliver

by Revilo P. Oliver ON 6 November 1991 the New York Post published an important article by Rowland Evans and Robert Novak. The enterprising and, as the event proved, courageous journalists had interviewed Dwight Porter, who had been the American Ambassador to Lebanon in 1967. After twenty-four years,…
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Today is the 48th anniversary of the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, in which 34 Americans were murdered by the Government of Israel. by Dr. William L. Pierce JUNE 8, 1967, is a day which will live in infamy. On this day an American Navy vessel, the U.S.S. Liberty, was deliberately attacked in international…
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American Dissident VoicesAudioClassic EssaysKevin Alfred Strom

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following essay written by Kevin Strom was used as the text for an American Dissident Voices broadcast in 1993. Included is the original audio of that broadcast, which may be streamed or downloaded. It will serve as the first in a series of classic audio files that will be uploaded
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