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Classic EssaysWilliam Pierce

by Dr. William L. Pierce THE QUESTION on the mind of every patriot, of every concerned American, is, “What should we do to oppose most effectively the enemies of our people? By what methods should we fight the media bosses, the politicians, the liberals, and the others who are destroying our …
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Classic EssaysRevilo P. Oliver

Le Courage est leur patrie by Fabrice Laroche and François d’Orcival reviewed by Revilo P. Oliver TREASON IS merely commonplace in the United States today. And the last frantic decrees of Suppiluliumas II have survived to remind us that treason was equally commonplace in the Hittite Empire in 1290…
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“Legalism” — that is, showing that the Washington regime is illegal in various ways — is not the full solution. And some of the legalists’ theories are lacking. But the rising anger against the tyrannical anti-White System is a healthy sign of a new nation being born
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“A DECLASSIFIED REPORT by the US Defense Department reveals that Washington helped Israel develop a hydrogen bomb, in violation of international law. “The 1987 report said Israel’s nuclear sites had the technology base required to design and produce nuclear weapons. It said top Israeli…
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