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by Kevin Alfred Strom ONE OF THE very few statements that passed the lips of Franklin Roosevelt that was not a lie was this: In politics, nothing happens by accident. If something happens, you may be sure that someone planned it that way. Possibly he let slip that bit of truth in an unguarded moment or while…
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American Revolutionaries and Enlightenment thinkers Tom Paine and Thomas Jefferson advocated a radical reappraisal of the doctrines of organized religion. Paine wrote The Age of Reason, which pointed out the absurdities and contradictions within both the Old and New Testaments. Thomas Jefferson…
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Welcome to Emma Lazarus’s dream of America serving as the garbage dump of humanity. . . Homeless people defecating on LA streets fuels horror hepatitis outbreak, as city faulted By Tori Richards | Fox News An outbreak of hepatitis A is spreading through Los Angeles County after leaping from…
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