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CHINESE THEFT of White industrial enterprise from America is so rampant that the US Department of Justice has set up a special division just to try and deal with it — with the latest example being a Chinese professor of electrical engineering at UCLA being convicted of conspiring to illegally export…
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THE ARTICLE BELOW is about the apocalyptic level of culturally-enriched violence in Grønland, a district of the city of Oslo. Grønland is only two subway stops from the Parliament, and one from the Central Station, fairly close to the government offices that were bombed by Breivik. It looks like Karachi,…
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EDITOR’S (tongue-in-cheek) NOTE: Authorities were amazed to discover that the children had stolen (and then misplaced) not only the personal artifacts mentioned in the media, but had actually made off with all documentation and physical evidence of the Holocaust, including the gas chambers…
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ReportsRevilo P. Oliver

by E.V. Sutherland THOUSANDS OF BOOKS and papers belonging to the estate of Professor Revilo P. Oliver were stolen from Kevin Alfred Strom by his ex-wife with the collusion and assistance of the FBI and the “Joint Terrorism Task Force” and are now being flagrantly sold on Ebay by a vendor…
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