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Essays 77 YEARS AGO today the RAF and USAAF began their terror-bombing of the historic city of Dresden, incinerating countless civilians including many women and children who were fleeing the advance of Stalin’s Red Army. RAF Wing Commander…
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It’s not a war on terror, but of terror exchanged for terror on both sides, neither of which is our side. by Kevin Alfred Strom (2005) WAR. IT’S HERE. I have been accused of overusing the metaphor of war, as in what I said last week, “There’s a war being waged against White people.”…
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by Kevin Alfred Strom DRESDEN was far from the only target of Allied terror bombing policies in World War 2, though it is — due to its being full of wounded and innocent refugees, and its total military insignificance — one of the most outrageous examples. Again and again, American and British…
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