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Adolf Hitler’s speech in the Lustgarten, May 1939 THE FOUNDATIONS for the life of a people are not to be found in doctrines and theories, but in its Lebensraum, in what the earth affords it for sustenance. Hence, Lebensraum cannot be regarded separately from the Lebenshohe (peak of life) of…
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WHEN WE entered the political scene, our names were unknown. The majority had been soldiers, returning from the Great War with fury or with despair in their hearts. The period of suffering and hopelessness began, and with that also the desperation of our folk. Many started to lose hope in life. Most did…
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For the first time in written form, we present a profoundly inspirational speech by Jack Pershing, delivered 30 years ago this month at the General Convention of the National Alliance. (By clicking on the embedded player you can listen to the original recording.) This is one of my very favorite essays
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