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American Dissident Voices broadcast of 4 September, 2021 by Kevin Alfred Strom I AM ALL FOR racial purity. It’s necessary. It’s needed. Maintaining it is the essence of virtue. Going in the opposite direction, toward racial mixing and racial chaos, is the essence of evil. That, in fact,…
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H. MillardOpinion

by H. Millard THE NATION of Islam (also known as Black Muslims) teaches that White people are “White devils” created by a Black scientist named Yakub about 6,600 years ago in a laboratory on the small Aegean island of Patmos, and that he did so by a process of genetic manipulation that the…
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EssaysH. Millard

As the unremembered ages passed, each of these species and subspecies in turn was left behind by our upwardly-evolving ancestors. So too will Homo sapiens be left behind. by H. Millard SOME OF US believe that the real God has a plan for us that centers on evolution and that He has evolved White people, and…
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