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  American Dissident Voices broadcast of December 23, 2017 by Kevin Alfred Strom WE WILL CONTINUE my interview with Sonny Thomas in one week — today we offer some words of hope and joy about this special season. Above you’ll see a new video produced by the talented couple who run the…
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The Wheel of the Year: A look into Europe’s ancient traditions and myths, that illuminate her time-honored values. by Frank Jamger INDIGENOUS EUROPEANS traditionally celebrate eight holidays whose dates are set by significant positions of the Earth as it revolves around the Sun. These positions…
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by Matt Koehl ONCE AGAIN, another Yuletide is here. Once again, we celebrate an occasion which has been sacred and joyous in the history of our race for 10,000 years. Throughout the race-life of our Northern European ancestors, the coming of the shortest days of the year always called for a renewing festival.…
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