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by David Sims NOT LONG ago, the city of Jackson, Mississippi, was having problems with keeping the water running in area houses. The pressure was low due to water being depleted from tanks owned by the water utility. The local “engineers,” mostly Blacks, couldn’t figure out how…
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Classic Essays

They well knew that America, riddled with Blacks and Jews, and with a ruling class that had lost faith in itself, was doomed to self-destruction anyway. SO MANY BOOKS are published each year by major U.S. publishers that one or two, even though they have committed the cardinal sin of containing a paragraph…
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AMONG THE interesting benefits of writing a blog like this, focusing as it does on the end of industrial civilization, are the opportunities it routinely affords for a glimpse at the stranger side of the collective thinking of our time. The last few weeks have been an unusually good source of that experience,…
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