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COVID-19 isn’t the only disease with higher infection rates for Blacks than for Whites. Inherent genetic differences between the races, causing structural and chemical differences, are the cause to a large extent, but behavioral differences — such as a relative lack among Blacks of
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by Michael Walsh MANY WORDS have double or more meanings. The term homicide describes murder or slaughter. A slight variation provides us with another term that describes the same ultimate consequence. The word homocide applies to homosexuals who choose to self-destruct by adopting an unnatural…
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Classic EssaysWilliam Pierce

by Dr. William L. Pierce THE ORGANIZATION which I head, the National Alliance, has for the past five years or so been publishing warnings about the dangers of contracting AIDS through sexual contact with non-Whites. We have warned, for example, that heterosexual Black males are 14 times as likely…
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Deadly disease now infects Mestizo invader populations in their home countries; US authorities had been telling us that only mosquitoes could transmit the disease and that there was little to worry about because US mosquito populations are “well controlled.” A CASE OF Zika virus…
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Montgomery — like all of the top ten cites for STDs — is heavily Black; and Blacks are infected at rates higher than any other group — and far, far higher than Whites. MONTGOMERY, Ala., has more cases of syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia than large U.S. cities like Baltimore, Philadelphia…
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