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by Kevin Alfred Strom A READER INFORMS us of a Web site called, the anonymous owner of which expresses his simultaneous contempt for and lust for non-Jewish women (which, in practice, almost always means White women). Combining contempt and lust is the essence of sexual degradation.…
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In this Jewish Business Magazine excerpt, one also notices Biderman’s adoption of the aristocratic and ultra-Anglo-sounding “Ashley Madison” name for his sex business. ACCORDING TO the creators of South Park, Sex Addiction is a huge epidemic in the United States today. And…
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The relation of man and woman should be approached with consecration, like that of a knight, or of one taking holy orders. by William Gayley Simpson (from his Which Way, Western Man?) FOR WOMEN, the man is a means, the end is the child. And the child is the purpose of marriage. In the Orient, the social function…
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ROISSY RECENTLY drew up a list of female skills for attracting males, and although it is clearly weighted toward succeeding in short-term relationships, the rank order seems about right for getting married too. One quick way to see what has mattered to men is to look for sexually dimorphic traits. As…
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