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NOTE by Chris Rossetti: Just as Jews tend to remake the societies they invade into mirrors of the multiracial, multicultural cesspools in which they evolved, they also instinctively attempt to mold their host societies to match the high levels of sex perversion naturally present among Jews. Jews…
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American Dissident Voices broadcast of April 30, 2016 by Kevin Alfred Strom HE’S JUST LIKE Josef Mengele, but real. Mengele was a World War 2 German medical doctor who was alleged by Jews to have been a “Nazi” monster who performed horrible medical experiments, especially on helpless…
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And not a White supremacist in sight… EDITOR’S NOTE: Pushing sex perversion (including, judging by the magazine’s cover image, dangerous auto-erotic asphyxiation) has apparently become official US ideology under Down Low Obama. It gets people killed. It must be difficult…
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Did Alfred Kinsey fake his sex research? by Revilo P. Oliver (pictured, with his wife Grace Needham Oliver, in 1966) WHEN Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey, employed by the Rockefeller Foundation, published the first of his two books (1) in 1948, I paid no attention to it, assuming that it was just another bundle of…
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