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Kyle Rittenhouse by Douglas Mercer WHAT GALLS the left, what sets our enemies’ teeth on edge, what makes them sputter with apoplectic rage, is that in Kyle Rittenhouse the American Spirit still lives. The young man heard the call of duty, showed up armed and dangerous, went to defend the good and…
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THE Nordic Resistance Movement held public actions in six different locations on Saturday, 3 July under the banner “Self-defence is a natural right!” Here we present a video and photos from the day. Speeches were given on the day urging the Nordic people to defend themselves, organise and fight back…
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by Hadding Scott THE NINTH EDITION of the Encyclopaedia Britannica lists some key physical characteristics of the Negro; of particular interest to us are points 1, 3, 8, and 9: (1) the abnormal length of the arm, which in the erect position sometimes reaches the knee-pan, and which on an average exceeds…
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