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Douglas MercerEssays

by Douglas Mercer IN HIS book The Religious Attitudes of the Indo-Europeans, Hans F.K. Gunther noted that the signature of the Indo-European mentality is a kind of supernatural calm which cannot be disturbed. There is that, for sure. But there is also Teutonic berserker rage. Divine serenity: Aphrodite
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Andrew HamiltonEssays

by Andrew Hamilton DESPITE the triumph of modernism, a handful of American sculptors, including Anna Hyatt Huntington, creator of The Torch Bearers (1955), continued to work in the neoclassical mode prior to and after WWII. Huntington was highly regarded for her large-scale public commissions…
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by Nelson Rosit FOUR BLOCKS NORTH of the main tourist attractions on the Washington Mall lies a cultural gem no reader visiting the anti-nation’s capital should miss. The National Museum of American Art (NMAA), along with the National Portrait Gallery, is housed in the Old Patent Building.…
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Classic Essays

by Jeff Hilson SCULPTURE, AS AN ART form, is not native to Northwest Europe. Northern Europeans excel in painting, graphics, drawing, music, and dance: aesthetic forms more individualistic than the grandiose formalism of monumental sculpture. Sculptural development needed large metropolitan…
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