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“Differently Intelligent children are just as good as any other children. The failure to appreciate this is merely a form of intellectual racism. If Differently Intelligent children don’t measure up, then it is time to change the yardstick.” — Stephen Jay Goldfinger, Biologist,
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by Dr. William L. Pierce FOR the thirteenth straight year, graduating high school seniors in 1975 were dumber than those of the year before. Nearly one million college-bound seniors took the Scholastic Aptitude Tests (SAT) offered by the College Entrance Examination Board this year, and their scores…
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THE COLLEGE BOARD is reported to be “encouraged by [the] lack of change” in the 2010 SAT results — presumably this means they were expecting them to be worse — and, as we can see, part of this “lack of change” is the perennial reality of racial differences in performance,…
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