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by William White Williams (pictured)
Chairman, National Alliance AT JEWISH BEHEST, Canadian Courts recently declared the National Alliance’s educational and organizing program to be “against Canadian public policy,” effectively finding us guilty of thought crimes — even though the Alliance…
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IN THESE TWO videos (second video below), Canadian free speech leader Paul Fromm explains how the McCorkill inheritance and free speech case was tragically lost. He is speaking with Buddhist truth activist and, as he describes it, “occasional troublemaker” Brian Ruhe. Mr. Fromm explains…
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American Dissident VoicesAudioKevin Alfred StromRadio

American Dissident Voices broadcast of June 11, 2016 by Kevin Alfred Strom ROBERT MCCORKILL (pictured) was a soft-spoken retired chemistry professor from St. John, New Brunswick, Canada. He was something of a Renaissance man — becoming a writer in addition to receiving his Ph.D. in chemistry…
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David SimsEssays

by David Sims A DECEASED White nationalist, chemistry professor, and coin collector named Robert McCorkill left, in his Will, his estate to the National Alliance, a White nationalist organization in the United States. It was valued at about $250,000. The Jews of the Southern Poverty Law Center…
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A THREE JUDGE panel of the New Brunswick Court of Appeals reserved its decision in the McCorkill Will appeal. Panel chairman Judge Kathleen Quigg said: “We are going to try to do it as quickly as possible but it also must be translated (into French). It will take a couple of months.” Experienced court…
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by Paul Fromm
Canadian Association for Free Expression
CAN YOU BEQUEATH your money to whomever you like? Until last May, that might have seemed a silly question. However, the enemies of free speech are nothing if not determined and we are living, it seems, in Absurdistan. Last May, the Southern Poverty…
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by Paul Fromm (pictured), Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFE)
CAFE IS involved in a monumental legal battle to ensure that a will cannot be overturned because the deceased held politically incorrect views or gave a bequest to a politically incorrect group. The excuse being offered to…
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