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Dr. Robert Faurisson talks about Dachau by Hadding Scott PROFESSOR Robert Faurisson demonstrates that the pattern of deaths at Dachau concentration-camp, where there happens to be a thorough record of all deaths, is completely inconsistent with the Holocaust narrative. Probably the most important…
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Professor Faurisson’s last public statement and Vincent Reynouard’s illuminating speech are highlights. A Telling Films production: Historical Exactitude Private Gathering, October 2018 by Lady Michele Renouf THIS HISTORIC gathering records the triumphant swan song (against…
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Unbowed, courageous writer and scholar dies of a heart attack at age 89. by Hadding Scott PROFESSOR ROBERT FAURISSON was a professor of French literature at the Sorbonne, and later at the University of Lyon. He was a famous scholar in the 1960s because of his work on French authors like Rimbaud. He was…
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A PARIS COURT on Tuesday this week gave Prof. Robert Faurisson — an 87-year-old half-French, half Scot who was Professor of French Literature at the University of Lyon — a four-month suspended jail sentence and a €4,000 fine. Judgement on a further charge will be given later this week.…
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by Robert Faurisson (pictured) THE PHOTOGRAPHY EXPOSITION “Mémoire des camps,” currently on view in Paris at the seventeenth century palace known as the Hôtel de Sully, is stirring disquiet in some Jewish circles. This exposition, from which care has been taken to eliminate a few too…
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FOR MORE than 30 years Robert Faurisson has been Europe’s foremost historical revisionist scholar. Dr Faurisson was professor of modern and contemporary French literature at the Sorbonne in Paris and the University of Lyon 2, where he specialised in the “critical appraisal of texts…
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