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Douglas MercerEssays

by Douglas Mercer ROBERT PUTNAM IS A descendant of Massachusetts Pilgrim folk — and is also both a convert to Judaism and a ruling class stink-sniffer. He has one of the most “powerful” names in American social science, but it will always be his lot to go down in history as the one who…
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CommentaryDavid Sims

by David Sims (Commentary on “Does Diversity Create Distrust?” by Daisy Grewal, Scientific American) THERE ARE flaws in Grewal’s thinking that might arise from an implicitly racist definition of racism on her part. The racism in the definition of racism consists of some notion…
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Andrew HamiltonEssays

Robert Putnam converted to Judaism because of Jews’ “unique and intense [sense] of community.” It probably didn’t hurt that they ruled the roost either. by Andrew Hamilton A Jewish writer asks rhetorically, if a tad cutely: “Robert Putnam, who looks like he could have stepped off the Mayflower [also:…
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