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Remember Yorkshire? — the home of the Viking Heritage museum? — the place where James Herriot’s beautifully heart-warming All Creatures Great and Small stories took place? Now it’s a place where leering Brown invaders rape little White girls for years on end before anything
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AN UNAMED migrant living in Germany, originally accused of sexually molesting a young girl, struck again days after his arrest when he was released in less than two weeks after legal officials declared he would not be a flight risk. The Afghan migrant, who currently holds a temporary residence permit,…
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IN THE WAKE of the tsunami of Third World refugees that hit Germany beginning in 2015, pornographic production companies have created ‘refugee porn’ to capitalize on the migrant obsession with inter-racial sex and rape. “New Germans” and Germans alike have become consumers of interracial…
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PLEASE WATCH the above amazing video, or at least as much of it as you can handle. Be sure to dislike it and leave comments for the merchant behind this abortion to read. Looks like the propaganda arm of Jewtube is still a work in progress. This vile drivel was a “featured video,” sure to convince…
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