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by Douglas Mercer “ANTI-RACISM” has become a kind of mass hysteria or a moral panic. “Liberal” Whites are like monks of the olden days who self-flagellated or put on hair shirts. For them, “anti-racism” is not a way to solve a social problem but a means to rid themselves…
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Classic Essays

Below is a condensed version of Richard McCulloch’s modern classic The Racial Compact: A Call for Racial Preservation, Racial Independence, Racial Rights and Racial Good Will. This series of essays calls for “a new concept of racial relations that promotes the continued existence, independence
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Looking at the YouTube view counts, this worthy Elections Canada campaign is really making an impact and is definitely worth the millions it doubtlessly cost the White taxpayers of Canada. by Richard Ward IN A 30 second commercial that has been filling TV screens for a week now, Elections Canada encourages…
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Classic EssaysVideoWilliam Pierce

This famous and deeply moving broadcast has also been published under the title “Why We Fight” by Dr. William L. Pierce NEARLY EVERY time I’ve spoken with you it has been about the problems our people are facing: a corrupt, treasonous, and degenerate government which seems hell-bent…
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Andrew HamiltonEssays

by Andrew Hamilton COLUMBUS DAY out, “Indigenous Peoples” Day in (1:54) the “news” announced yesterday. And it was news to me. A local television station informed viewers that St. Paul, Minnesota has begun formally celebrating “Indigenous Peoples Day” instead of Columbus Day; Minneapolis began…
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