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…because it didn’t make the races exactly equal. by David Sims THE POLITICALLY CORRECT style of identity politics is a leftist reaction to the fact that races are generally different in their abilities. Whenever the same initial conditions do not produce identical results for all of…
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LET’S START with some harsh facts. The average Black IQ in the U.S. is estimated by various sources as being somewhere in the mid to upper 80’s as compared to the White average arbitrarily set at 100. In Canada, with its large number of immigrants from the Caribbean, the average Black IQ is likely…
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David SimsEssays

by David Sims THESE are the countries with IQs of 70 or lower.: Antigua/Barbuda, 70, Caribbean/West Indies
Benin, 70, West Africa
Botswana, 70, Southern Africa
Rwanda, 70, Central Africa
Togo, 70, West Africa
Burundi, 69, Central Africa
Ivory Coast, 69, West Africa
Ethiopia, 69, East Africa
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