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CommentaryDavid Sims

by David Sims DR. ANTHONY Fauci has been criticized for having part of the responsibility for the genetic alteration of the coronavirus that caused the covid-19 pandemic. The Chinese Communist Party didn’t do it all by themselves, it is said. Certain US citizens were also involved, and Fauci…
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by David Sims A LARGE study done in the UK showed that the covid vaccine doesn’t significantly reduce your chance of being infected with coronavirus, nor does it significantly reduce your risk of infecting other people, if you are yourself infected. What it does is reduce the symptoms of covid, if you…
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For previous installments of this series, see Parts I, II, and III Managed Obsolescence: Homelessness in America’s Gilded Cities
by Jacob Siegel I STARTED READING about the homeless camps spreading across the western United States around 2014. My initial impression was that the stories were paranoid…
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