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by David Sims ABRAHAM ENTERED Egypt around 1800 BC and subsequently may have conveyed information of military value to the (Semitic) Hyksos, who invaded and conquered Egypt from 1750-1675 BC. The Hyksos victory over Egypt occurred for two reasons. First, Egypt was engaged in a civil war. Nomadic warlords…
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MORE THAN 5,000 years ago people in Ireland carved a representation of an eclipse into three stones at a megalithic monument—the first known recording of a solar eclipse, scholars say. Researchers have further noted that the sun shines into a chamber of this monument in County Meath on the later ancient…
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A Conversation between Dr. William Pierce and Me by James Harting AUTHOR’S NOTE: In light of the recent discussion of the role of Cosmotheism in a revived National Alliance, Dr. Pierce’s comments in the third-to-the-last paragraph are especially interesting and relevant. Some Background:…
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GROUNDBREAKING genetic analysis of a 37,000-year-old human bone from Russia has revealed that modern Europeans have remained genetically identical from that time onward—and that there are increasing numbers of holes in the “out-of-Africa” theory of human development. (ILLUSTRATION: Kostenki…
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