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British teachers are now driving poor White parents to food banks to help alleviate malnutrition — but India, which has enough money for a space program, gets aid paid for by White Britons. LIVING STANDARDS in Britain are so appallingly bad that children are developing rickets and schools are…
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CONSERVATIVES HAVE MADE the argument that large American cities with high crime and high poverty rates (such as Detroit or Chicago) are suffering from the effects of rule by Democratic mayors. This argument will be tested against the hypothesis that it is, in fact, large Black populations that are…
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AS this Black-centric BBC report shows, South Africa is suffering the most severe drought in over 30 years. This is afflicting both Whites and Blacks in the agricultural areas, but the anti-White ANC government is content to sit back and allow the drought to slowly push the largely White-run farms…
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by David Sims THERE IS a correlation between poverty and crime. There is a rationale by which some crimes can be understood as having poverty as their cause. However, those on the political Left often go overboard, extenuating the poverty-causes-crime argument beyond the reason of evidence.…
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