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Members of the “Greatest Generation” enjoying the “Good War” by defecating on the bodies of recently murdered German prisoners. by Thomas Goodrich EVERY MONTH, it seems, yet another movie is released based upon some real or some fanciful event of World War Two. Invariably, like some stylized Greek…
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WE ARE ALL familiar with the pictures and film footage of piles of dead “Jews” discovered at the liberated “death camps” Dachau and Buchenwald at the end of World War II, but what we were never told is that most of those corpses were actually dead German soldiers that were dumped there as part of an elaborate…
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Alternate caption: None of this Would Be Happening If We Had a White Country . . . And the West Would Still Have White Countries if the Germans Had Won the War. Maybe Hitler Was Right? 'I worked for 40 years. I can't take my grandchildren into town anymore. My wife and daughter-in-law went into…
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