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by Douglas Mercer WHEN THEY had cleared the East of race scum the National Socialists planned to plant large colonies of German soldier-farmers there. Himmler believed that this was the White man’s ancestral homeland and that tilling the soil was the natural and healthy element of the White…
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American Dissident VoicesAudioKevin Alfred StromRadio

American Dissident Voices broadcast of March 5, 2016 by Kevin Alfred Strom USUALLY THE quadrennial circus of presidential politics here in the US is corny, scripted, banal, and deadly boring. The “battle” between smiling liar number 1 and smiling liar number 2 is a bore because almost…
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Classic Essays

This 1976 book review was the first Bob Whitaker (pictured) sighting in the racialist press known to your editor. Bob has become somewhat more radical since then. THE UNITED STATES is such a remarkable institution that it can undergo a complete change of oligarchy without a change in government. The…
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AT 31, Jimmie Aakesson has already spent five years at the helm of the far-right Sweden Democrats and is credited with a populist makeover that made it possible for the party to be voted into parliament Sunday. A member of the Sweden Democrats since the age of 15, the youthful leader has helped catapult…
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