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Former political prisoner Brad Love raided by six Mounties looking for glue, posters and Canadian immigration hotlines by Paul Fromm FORT McMurray, October 2, 2020. At 9:15 this morning, no fewer than six members of the local RCMP detachment raided a townhouse here shared by political activist and…
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Lady Michèle Renouf reports: GERMAN political philosopher and imprisoned dissident Horst Mahler (born 1936) is in a very bad way in a prison hospital. Behind bars for years and for the next 10 years despite his crippling condition after a leg amputation (in consequence of the prison diet, life-endangering…
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The statement of Cyndi Steele to Judge Lynn B. Winmill about the sweetheart plea deal given to the Idaho Pipe Bomber. I AM HERE TODAY to object to the “soft” plea bargain for Larry Fairfax. I want the Court to know that I was denied my Crime Victim’s Rights – (18 USC §3771) because I was not consulted by the…
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by Cyndi G. Steele (pictured with her family) EDGAR J. STEELE has been entrapped by a legal system that presumes his guilt in the face of false charges. Ed, my husband, has been in jail and solitary confinement for three months in Spokane, Washington because of false allegations that he masterminded…
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