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American Dissident Voices broadcast of July 4, 2020 by Kevin Alfred Strom EACH OF US has only a few years to live. At our conception, we awaken from a sleep that has lasted for millions of centuries. We walk this Earth for a few paltry years. We are nurtured by parents and family. We receive love. If we prove…
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by Martin Kerr IN HIS Table Talk, Adolf Hitler accepts as a matter of course that the figure commonly known as Jesus Christ was an actual historical person. He describes him as the leader of a popular revolt against the Jews of his time. Savitri Devi, one of the best known and most eloquent of Hitler’s post–war…
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The Self is but a brief transition from and to nothingness; we can achieve self-actualization only within a natural community of racial kin. WESTERN MAN’S most persistent difficulties have centered around his striving to attain a valid self-conceptualization, that is, to see himself as…
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by David Sims THE PERCEPTION OF gain or loss is related to survival. It’s an assessment of changes in the environment as being either good or bad. Good changes, or gains, mean we are better positioned to handle challenges to our survival. Bad changes, or losses, handicap us in dealing with the hardship…
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