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Israel is Bad for America
A New York Times Columnist explains why by Philip Giraldi AMERICAN JOURNALISM has become in its mainstream exponents a compendium of half-truths and out-and-out lies. The public, though poorly informed on most issues as a result, has generally figured out that it is being…
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Why Confronting Israel is Important The Jewish State is No Friend by Philip Giraldi I am often asked why I have this “thing” about Israel, with friends suggesting that I would be much more respected as a pundit if I were to instead concentrate on national security and political corruption. The problem…
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In our last post we reprinted a portion of an essay by James Petras titled “The Fifty-Two Major Jewish American Organizations and Israel Celebrate Passover with the Slaughter of Twenty-Five Muslim, Christian and Secular Palestinians”. In this piece Petras demonstrated how a Jewish-Zionist
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Boycotting Israel is the Right Thing to Do Philip Giraldi | The Unz Review Tracking the consequences of Israel’s apparent conviction that it should never be bound by the rules and conventions that constrain the behavior of other countries sometimes leads one into dark places. The daily torments inflicted…
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by Kevin MacDonald PHILIP GIRALDI has long been an excellent observer of the Israel Lobby and its power over the American political establishment. It strikes me that his latest column, “The War Inside the Beltway,” breaks new ground for him with his comments on the wider context of Jewish power in America.…
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by Philip Giraldi (pictured) LET US SUPPOSE for a moment that an individual enjoying the full confidence and trust of the US government was given access to the most secret information possessed by the US military, to include how it would react to an attack by an aggressor armed with nuclear weapons and…
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by Maidhc Ó Cathail IF ISRAEL’S STRANGLEHOLD over U.S. foreign policy is to be broken, Americans will need to be informed about the harm that Washington’s unconditional support for Israel is doing to American interests, say leading analysts of U.S.-Israeli relations. According to John J.…
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