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Classic EssaysRevilo P. Oliver

by Revilo P. Oliver THE CONTENTS OF an issue of National Review are usually predictable, especially since the one for 30 December 1991 was almost entirely devoted to a very long article in which the magazine’s highly intelligent and adroit proprietor, William F. Buckley Jr., pondered the Hauptproblem
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Andrew HamiltonEssays

by Andrew Hamilton MORE THAN 40 years have passed since President Richard M. Nixon’s (R.) resignation from office on August 9, 1974 as a consequence of the media-orchestrated Watergate affair. On the 40th anniversary of that event, America’s Last Conservative and longtime Nixon aide Patrick Buchanan,…
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EssaysKevin Alfred Strom

by Kevin Alfred Strom PATRICK BUCHANAN (pictured) utters truths that no one else in the mediasphere dares utter. For that I admire and like him. But Buchanan has one foot inside establishment “conservatism,” and, whether due to a desire to placate that segment of his following or because of the wishful…
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The “Democratic” wing of the System is no less in thrall to Jewish power — but is less fanatically willing to sacrifice everything to immediately immolate Israel’s enemies. INTRODUCTORY NOTE by Paul Craig Roberts: Like myself, Pat Buchanan has given up on Republicans.…
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An intelligent Black journalist looks at the tragic foolishness of multiracialism in Europe. by Elizabeth Wright “Like all of Europe,” writes Pat Buchanan, “Germany grows nervous.” Are Germans finally — this late in the day — growing nervous about the five million Muslims, among other foreign groups,…
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