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EDITOR’S NOTE: This statement before European Jewish Congress is anything but spontaneous; you may be sure that all such events are scripted and that substantial money changes hands. Timmermans is wildly over-the-top in his servility to the vermin, which is apparently how they like it, once…
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Classic Essays

How the small feed on the great “Mit euch, Herr Doktor, zu spazieren, Ist ehrenvoll and bringt Gewinn.” — Goethe’s Faust Julius Frauenstaedt (1813-1879) IT WAS NOT a great event in the history of diplomacy and promotion. The Frankfurt newspapers of July 24, 1846, did not…
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Very similarly, the apex parasite among humans forces Zombie Whites to fight for it, protect it, and nourish it. MANY INSECTS make cocoons when they are young to protect themselves from the big, bad world, full of predators (and cable news channels). Ichneumon wasps have a found a way to make this process…
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H. Millard

by H. Millard THERE’S A TERRIFIC term making the rounds among Awakened Whites*: Cuck or Cuckservative. The term comes from “cuckold” which in turn comes from cuckoo bird. As you probably know, cuckoo birds have a reproductive and survival strategy that has them lay their eggs in…
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American Dissident VoicesKevin Alfred Strom

by Kevin Alfred Strom ONE OF MY SMALL pleasures in life is bird watching, which gives me a great deal of peace in this world of constant conflict. Over the years, I have discovered that there is much to be learned from our avian neighbors, lessons that illustrate the laws of Nature that apply to us as much…
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Classic EssaysWilliam Pierce

An article from the ‘Science’ section of TIME magazine describes a situation in insect colonies which is duplicated almost perfectly in human society.
by Dr. William L. Pierce
THE MOST DEPRESSING thing about the impending disaster facing Western civilization is the almost total lack…
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American Dissident VoicesAudioKevin Alfred StromRadio

American Dissident Voices broadcast of February 28, 2015 by Kevin Alfred Strom HE MAKES ONE Hell of a good speech, that Rudy Giuliani. He’s not afraid to make waves. He produces sound bites that conservatives love to hear:  He told us “Obama wasn’t raised like us” and “Obama…
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