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by Revilo P. Oliver IN JUNE 1986 Liberty Bell published the obvious explanation of an incident that had occurred at a chemical plant built and operated by the Union Carbide Corporation in Bhopal in north central India. Fumes of methyl isocyanate escaped from the plant and killed something more than…
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LAST MONTH, the Washington DC-based Physicians for Social Responsibility (PRS) released a landmark study concluding that the death toll from 10 years of the “War on Terror” since the 9/11 attacks is at least 1.3 million, and could be as high as 2 million. The 97-page report by the Nobel Peace Prize-winning…
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We’ve all heard about the Indo-European invasion of India — but did expansions of proto-Europeans also take place from East to West and South to North? This author thinks so, and offers thought-provoking evidence. by Druuis Belenios Ategnatos THE CELTIC PEOPLES are defined for the purpose…
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