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Otto von Bismarck and Adolf Hitler pursued similar goals under different circumstances. Adolf Hitler’s Goals and Personality
by Dr. Johannes Stark
translated by Hadding Scott, 2012 II. The Leader All progress and all culture of humanity are not born from the majority, but rely exclusively…
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The Iron Chancellor, the man who created modern Germany, acted imprudently where Jews were concerned. by Alfred Rosenberg
translated by Hadding Scott THE BIRTHDAY of the Iron Chancellor was reverently observed in all parts of Germany even in 1921. Now that his work lies in heaps of rubble, having been…
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The entire program in which this segment was originally heard is here. What Would Hitler Do? – Radical Agenda, 23 June 2017 by Hadding Scott NATIONALIZED HEALTHCARE has been in the news recently. I am going to talk about aspects of the National-Socialist approach to this. Socialized medicine in Germany…
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