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Multimillionaire media Jew and advisor to presidents Robert Reich, victim of White people. by Douglas Mercer ROBERT REICH was born in Pennsylvania, the son of Edwin Saul Reich, who owned a women’s clothing store. His family is Jewish. Reich has a disease that renders him no bigger than a teacup;…
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I’m at a loss for words over what happened here because these horrid videos and images really speak for themselves. This is clearly domestic terrorism, kidnapping and attempted murder. Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization, and the entire establishment of Occupied America is responsible
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Immigrants have over 50 percent of the jobs in Silicon Valley requiring at least a bachelor’s degree. . . . . . Which is why America needs more immigrants!  (((Oligarchs))) and foreign scab laborers of the world, unite! * * * Source: Dissident Millennial (H/T Chateau Heartiste)…
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Subtitle: On Living in an Occupied Country… Welcome to the Terror that is Upon Us. * * * Source: Dissident Millennial…
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