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Norman Lowell Radical pro-White candidate’s vote, while still too small to gain a seat, has multiplied by almost five times since his first run. The controlled media expressed alarm; we see hope. OVERALL RESULTS from the European election indicate that third parties have only marginally increased…
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by Norman Lowell THE GREENS! — One has to admire their idealism. You will find them campaigning for the preservation of the shark, the whale, a snake or spider in deepest Amazon, or some little known lizard in New Caledonia. Yet, when it comes to the preservation of the White race, Greens are virulently…
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by Kevin Alfred Strom NORMAN LOWELL, founder and leader of Imperium Europa, celebrated the group’s 11th anniversary at a meeting of members and supporters in Malta this month. The gathering included speeches by Mr. Lowell, Valter Cassar, and Antoine Galea. Norman Lowell has long honored the…
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