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New Zealand massacre


by Lucas Hood IN THE aftermath of the recent action in New Zealand and the resulting outrage from the System politicians and the System’s media, the typical person on the street is much more apathetic than usual. This is good. The System’s moralizing and outrage-mongering has now run the…
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WE HAVE SEEN the dark fruit of their sick ideology. It is massacre and death, followed by inevitable restrictions on freedom. And the cycle continues, spiralling downwards into ever more tension and conflict. The proponents of the warped ideology that brought about the massacre in Christchurch must…
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Guest opinion

by Michael Walsh
and National Vanguard correspondents ON AN ALMOST daily basis and without making even the small print NATO-led military forces indiscriminately slaughter many more Muslims and Christians than died today in New Zealand. In fact, it is estimated that since 1945 these demonic NATO…
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