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THE GERMAN STATE’S hopes of banning the National Democratic Party appear to be fading as the Karlsruhe Constitutional Court nears its final ruling on January 17, liberal German media has admitted. Der Freitag newspaper — a leftist journal with close links to Britain’s Guardian newspaper…
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“We Call it Conflict Engagement in the Lines at Trump Rallies… We’re Starting Anarchy Here” Introductory Note by John I. Johnson: I’ve been watching these Project Veritas videos, available only on the Internet. I believe the media have basically maintained silence,…
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by Lady Michèle Renouf Editor’s Note: Michèle Renouf delivered this speech at a demonstration on February 27, 2016 opposite the German Embassy in London, in defense of the National Democratic Party (NPD). The other speakers were Peter Rushton, Max Musson of Western Spring, Mike Whitby of British…
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Overview of Germany’s rising NPD; and National Vanguard magazine interview with its leader, Udo Voigt. by Dr. William L. Pierce and Wolfgang Keller
from National Vanguard No. 117, March-April 1997 The National Democratic Party (Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands, or NPD) is Germany’s…
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