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Classic EssaysWilliam Pierce

by Dr. William L. Pierce AS I WAS PREPARING this week’s broadcast, the news story causing the most excitement in the controlled media was a series of drive-by shootings last weekend in Illinois and Indiana by a 21-year-old student at the University of Indiana, Benjamin Smith, who killed himself…
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Classic Essays

The origin myths of the Black Muslims and their strange inability to emigrate and follow their own separatist doctrine. ALTHOUGH THE Black Muslim sect, which first obtained national and international publicity in 1959 through the televised Mike Wallace Show, represents probably the worst falsification…
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American Dissident VoicesAudioKevin Alfred StromRadio

American Dissident Voices broadcast of October 17, 2015 by Kevin Alfred Strom THE PARTICIPANTS in the historic discussion you’re about to hear are Sheila Stewart and Barry Saunders of WQOK in Raleigh, North Carolina, Ray Muhammad of the Nation of Islam, and William White Williams (pictured)…
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