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by Veiko Hessler THE YOUTH of today are quite possibly the most decried and despised generation in history. Millennials are regarded as a selfish, entitled generation who believe in neither country nor God. Despite being, supposedly, the most educated, wealthy, and free human beings to have ever…
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THE COMMUNIST indoctrination center or “college” as it exists in the current year has abandoned all academic rigor and honest inquiry in favor of pushing kosher Marxism on the soft, wailing brown mass that is “tomorrow’s leaders.” The university resembles an adult…
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FOUR YEARS AGO I began the process of awakening — awakening to the sober reality of our times. I started to experiment with my diet, began to question the validity of what our so-called ‘authorities’ were telling us. I quickly realized that I had been lied to, that we had been lied to. I started to…
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Education is failing in many Western nations, but especially so in the heavily multiracial United States. Remove the highest quality Whites from the equation (and they will soon either remove themselves, or go effectively extinct) and America would be at mid-Third World levels. AS AMERICANS, we…
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