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EssaysHadding Scott

by Hadding Scott SOME PEOPLE are direct and say what they mean. Others find ways to be odious while remaining formally gentle and polite.

Hear a ten minute clip of George Lincoln Rockwell’s 9 May 1965 appearance on Michael Jackson’s talkshow on KNX Los Angeles. There is a clash of worldviews…
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Classic EssaysWilliam Pierce

by Dr. William L. Pierce ROCK “music” is one of the most manifest symptoms of the West’s decline. Like modern “art” it is a cultural excrescence of a demented civilization which has turned on itself and is tearing madly at its own vitals. (ILLUSTRATION: “Prince”) The daubings of a Pollock,…
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Andrew HamiltonEssays

by Andrew Hamilton A PHENOMENON on the periphery of Hollywood — the racial and social identity of singer Michael Jackson’s three children — illustrates our chaotic racial state. At least, the media refer to them as his children, and call Jackson their father. The true facts about their origin have not…
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