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THANKS TO Reefer Madness, the History of Marijuana in America (Bobbs-Merrill, 1979) by Larry Sloman, we have undeniable evidence as to who played a predominant influence in promoting marijuana as a recreational drug. According to Sloman, marijuana was first used by jazz musicians in Harlem, but…
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Intoxication of any kind is the opposite of what is needed in our cadres — but, like almost everything in modern America, marijuana prohibition was and is foul, dirty, deceptive, and corrupt. by David Sims I’VE COMMENTED much about a recent police-involved shooting in South Carolina…
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Mainstream media lionize “entrepreneur” who makes a fortune ruining lives JUST AFTER Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop opened in Seattle’s Central District, it boasted in an ad, “Our weed cures Ebola.” Knowing that merchants in the new industry weren’t allowed to make any medical claims about pot,…
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