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The 5 Towns Jewish Times article excerpted below shows a definite, consistent pattern of whoring for Jewish interests at the expense of White American interests on the part of Lyndon Baines Johnson — and suggests a biological explanation. A FEW MONTHS AGO, the Associated Press reported that…
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Herewith this list of broken promises. Many of the people who made these promises are now dead. Eugene McCarthy died of old age, but before he died, he said that he and the other Senators “never intended to open the floodgates.” Robert F. Kennedy didn’t live long enough to see the results
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50th anniversary of Israeli attack on US ship will be here in a mere six months by David Sims TWENTY YEARS ago, there was a push to get a memorial to the USS Liberty going, and the federal government said no. I was personally told that the “custom was” to recognize a significant event of this…
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ANTHONY PEARSON is the British reporter who wrote the book Conspiracy of Silence about the Israeli attack on the Liberty and the subsequent coverup, which, as any mediacrat could have predicted, never climbed to the top of any bestseller list. Pearson’s main point is that the Liberty, a huge…
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by Judy Morris LYNDON BAINES JOHNSON is a president who has escaped the scrutiny and judgment of history despite considerable documentation that should make him an outstanding candidate for historical review, critique, and analysis. His primary biographer, Robert Caro, consistently gets rave…
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