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by Simon Lindberg
Nordic Resistance Movement LOVE OR HATE — what really drives a Nordic Resistance Movement activist? In this article from 2012, Simon Lindberg gives the answer. We in the Resistance Movement are often attacked for not being “tactical”, for occasionally using tough rhetoric,…
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Classic EssaysNietzsche

Everyone familiar with the world of ideas has heard the term “Nietzschean” invoked as an allusion to the purported beliefs of the great German philosopher, but what does this term really mean and why does it matter? Well, to answer this question, below I’ve posted some
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David SimsEssays

Kinship-based socialism can work; class-based socialism cannot. by David Sims MARXISM ISN’T the only kind of socialism. Marxism is class socialism, based on the idea that socioeconomic class is the fundamental division of mankind. The tragedy of the commons leads easily to Marxist societies…
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