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AFTER VACILLATING for over a year, the authorities have finally decided that Jez Turner of the London Forum should face charges relating to the ‘Stirring up of Racial or Religious Hatred’. It has taken them a while to arrive at this decision. Clearly, Mr Turner represents a threat to certain…
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JEZ TURNER — organiser of the London Forum — has been charged with “inciting racial hatred” in connection with his speech at the “Anti-Shomrim” rally in Whitehall on 4th July 2015. The Zionist lobby group “Campaign Against Anti-Semitism” had brought a legal action to force the Crown Prosecution…
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by Ian Millard Background SOME TIME AGO, in late 2016, I was invited to address the London Forum. At that time I had only very peripherally heard of it. This is how it describes itself: “The London Forum is a non-party aligned conference group for nationalists, identitarians, thinkers and commentators…
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