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by Hadding Scott IN THE 19th century under White colonial rule, cannibalism fell into disuse, but since the mid-20th century, following the retreat of the White man from Africa, the Negro has been returning to his old patterns. African cannibalism seems to fall into three categories that I have noticed:…
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ARE YOU sitting down? No? Take your time. Pull up a chair. Have a seat. Ready? Because here’s your shot. [Trump to let temporary legal status for Liberians expire, Axios, 3-27-18]: President Trump announced Tuesday that he will let the Deferred Enforced Departure status for Liberians expire…
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The cannibal warlords of Liberia and the apparent death of National Socialist Germany Every time, I look around this place
I see them screams but I hear no sound
And the terrible things happen down the road
To somebody else that I don’t even know Nothing bad ever happens to me
Nothing bad ever happens…
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This blood-chilling story is from the diary of Captain Theodore Canot, a European trader in gold, ivory, and African slaves. It’s a first-hand primary source on the nature of the Africans that slave traders brought to North America, who almost invariably had already been enslaved by their fellow
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